Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning {Review & Giveaway – US Only}

Thank you to Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning for providing me with complimentary popcorn seasoning for review purposes. These are my own, honest opinions.


As a popcorn lover, I was really excited to learn that I would be writing a review for Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning. It is a product that I have seen in the supermarket, but have never thought about picking up. The main reason is that my son goes crazy with this stuff!

The movie theater that we used to go to a lot always had every flavor of Kernel Season’s on the side bar of the concession stand. This one particular time when I had given Austin the bucket of popcorn to hold, unbeknownst to me he had taken it over to the sidebar and liberally used each and every flavor of Kernel Season’s in the popcorn that I had gotten for all three of us to share! Needless to say, Austin got a large bucket of popcorn all to himself that day.

Kernel Season’s comes in numerous flavors, so imagine all of these in one tub of popcorn: White Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, Garlic Parmesan, Ranch, Kettle Corn, Nacho Cheddar, Caramel, Cheddar, Cajun, Butter, Milk Chocolate Caramel, Buffalo Wing, and Cheesy Jalapeno. Granted, I am sure that ALL of these flavors weren’t in that popcorn, but there were at least 6 or 7. Here are the flavors that we received for review:


On the night that our Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning was delivered, we looked at the flavors and decided that we would try them on our dinner! I was making home fried potatoes, and of all the foods that we prepared that night, the potatoes worked the best with the seasonings. Our favorites were the Ranch, the Garlic Parmesan, the Bacon Cheddar, and the White Cheddar. I tried a little of each on individual potatoes. The Ranch and Garlic Parmesan also worked well with corn.


On the top of each flavor are stickers that indicate what foods (other than popcorn) that each seasoning works well with. When I looked at the Caramel flavor, the word coffee was on it, and that’s all it took for me. I sprinkled some in my after dinner coffee, and it was great! It also works well with oatmeal, cinnamon toast, and several other things that aren’t coming to me right now. Oh, yes, apples! It is great on apples, as seen here:



Of course, it goes without saying that Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasonings work great on popcorn as well, although I would not suggest putting ALL of the flavors on at the same time, unless you are a teenager, in which case you might just like it!

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  1. Michelle C says

    I would love to try the ranch seasoning. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  2. jodi leah baird says

    BUTTER!! i love butter on everything about it,but pop corn you cant get enough butter taste with out make it like i would love to try this on pop corn and on a baked potato

  3. Rebecca Myny says

    I love the white cheddar on popcorn. Would love to try the apple cinnamon on fruit or even toast.

  4. Lauren says

    Cheesy Jalapeno for sure! Anyone who knows me will tell you I love jalapenos and spicy foods and will spice up every meal. Would love to give it a try!

  5. Jennifer Reed says

    The flavor I am most excited by is the Nacho Cheese flavor of seasoning. I can also see that this would be a great way to boost the cheese flavor in potato casseroles.

  6. Karen Drake says

    I would like to try the White Cheddar. I would also use these seasonings on french fries or potato wedges.

  7. Angela Ash says

    Mmm..the Pizza Seasoning sounds great. I love pizza & popcorn so pizza flavored popcorn might be a good combo. :)

  8. Deb Esling says

    We eat A LOT of popcorn in this house. I would like the Kettle Corn and my daughter would love the Nacho Cheese.

  9. Jennifer Tang says

    I want to try the Caramel flavor yummy. Of course with Apples too. Never heard of this looks pretty amazing. I would enjoy this with my mom she is a pop corn freak.

  10. Jenny S says

    Holy smokes! I was going to say ranch, but I then saw they have CARAMEL SEASONING! Sweet and salty is my weakness. This post just made my life. I NEED CARAMEL SEASONING IN MY LIFE!

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