Heelys Review!

Are you a stroller or a roller?  Thanks to Heelys our oldest daughter is a roller!

I do not want to assume that you are ALL familiar with Heelys, though I DO assume most of you are.  I had no idea what Heelys were til we had kids.  Now we are very familiar with them since all their friends have them.  We are pleased to official Heelys owners!  But what is a Heely?

Heelys are a two-in-one shoe.  With the wheels out, you are simply wearing a good pair of stylish shoes.  With the wheels in, you have the option of walking or rolling.  Our daughter prefers rolling whenever possible!

Heelys has all kinds of resources available on their site.  Including fun to watch, information filled videos.  As first time Heelys users, these tutorial videos helped a lot.

Heelys is not just for kids either! They come in kids sizes all the way through adults sizes as well.  They start at a 12c for youth and continue for men to a size 12 and for women to a size 13.  They are available in great colors and styles.

Want an easy way to finish up your Christmas shopping (or get started on your shopping as the case may be).  Head on over to their site and order today.

Become a part of the Heelys community and connect with them on facebook  and twitter.

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  1. tiffany dover says

    Great review! I always wonder how kids don’t fall and bust their faces on these things. I’d love to have a pair myself!

  2. Donna B. says

    My son has wanted a pair of these for awhile now, but so far I’ve been able to put him off. LOL

  3. Janet W. says

    These shoes look like so much fun. I always see kids wearing these when I’m out shopping and they zoom past me!

  4. turq says

    These shoes look like so much fun! I see them online almost everyday.. I know I may be to old for them and I wonder if I would get hurt trying to use them… but none of those thoughts seem to matter, I love them & I want a pair, it’s one of those gotta try things LOL :)

  5. Heather H says

    I’m always so scared to get these for my niece but I think if we teach her responsibility of riding/walking she would LOVE these shoes.

  6. Hirono says

    I when I was in middle school these started getting popular. I didn’t even know they make these still.

  7. lfogde says

    These always looked really fun–our little girl is only 21 months old so I think we’ll have a little while to wait :)

  8. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I really want these for my son. They just look like so much fun. Hopping to enter a giveaway for these. Maybe! Thanks for the review.

  9. Alicia says

    To be honest I’ve always kind of hated those things. I used to work retail and I hated kids riding around in stores, the mall, etc. I would be fine if used responsibly and as a recreational thing, but not for everyday wear , at least for most kids.

  10. Leslie Guenther says

    I agree with Alicia but I more hate these shoes because of the way parents allow their children to use them. Nothing like being pushed off a ramp with my two little ones because some 10 year old is coming past on wheels. Just annoying and really makes me angry to be honest.

  11. Gladys Parker says

    Nice review although I think safety should have been included. If not used properly (like with an adult present – watching they can be dangerous. Most kids want to experiment and with these I wouldn’t suggest it. Only let them use them as they are intended.
    Gladys P

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