KidKraft ~ Double Storage Unit {Review}

Thank you KidKraft for providing me with a Double Storage Unit, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

One of my favorite brands to work with is KidKraft.  We have had many KidKraft items, not only for review, but also purchased.  After trying out KidKraft products for review it quickly became a brand I love and trust and I have made a few purchases for KidKraft items in the past.  All of their products hold up well and are very sturdy and durable.  They recently sent me a Double Storage Unit for review.



Davey had no kind of toy storage in his room.  At our old house we just piled his toys in the corner of his room.  Since we moved we were just putting his toys in the closet.  But his room looked so bare.  All we had in there was a KidKraft toddler bed we got last year for review, a hanging chair, and a beanbag.  When I saw the Double Storage Units I thought they would be perfect for Davey’s room.  KidKraft sent me one for review, and then I wound up buying 2 more to stack in his room as well.





This storage unit went together very easily and quickly.  It took me maybe 20-30 minutes to put it together.  All the pieces were there and intact.  Even if there was a problem with any pieces or hardware, KidKraft is great about sending replacements very quickly.  The storage unit comes with hardware to stack multiple units, or to even stack a shelf KidKraft sells on top of it.  I wanted to leave the review one under the window, used as a nightstand, and put 2 storage units stacked just inside his door.  This was the perfect amount of toy storage for all Davey’s toys.  Now the hard part is getting him to sort them all out correctly!  These Double Storage Units really completed Davey’s room.  It seriously needed more furniture and these were the perfect items to complete it.

You can buy the Double Storage Unit in Espresso on Amazon for $99.99

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  1. Kristin says

    These would be great. They can be stacked not to take up to much room. Tops of them can be used as like a night stand. Love the pictures to see different ways to place and use them. Thanks!

  2. Brandy S says

    We need a new storage unit because the girls sit on our toybox/ottoman and it’s about to go bye bye! Kid Kraft has great products, too!

  3. Sandy Cain says

    Now THIS is exactly the kind of thing I wish I’d had when my daughter was a youngster. They can even be stacked? It would save so much room! And now lids to slam down and hurt tiny fingers like with standard toychests!

  4. Maryann D. says

    When my children were young I really needed a good storage unit for their toys and I tried many toy chests that were not very good quality. KidKraft does look terrific and definitely does look like they carry high quality items.

  5. md kennedy says

    What a beautiful storage unit – so easy for the kids to get the toys out AND BACK IN! Would also be great for storing the pets’ toys and supplies.

  6. Janet W. says

    This would really help keep my grandsons toys organized in their playroom. Right now we just have to line everything up against the wall to “clean up”.

  7. Tanaya S. says

    These are such a pretty way to help organize a kids room. I like the idea of double stacking them.

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