Do you have a binky / pacifier addict in your house? Help me break the habit …

Hello.  This is my youngest daughter.  She is a binky addict.


Just last night I posed a question to my friends and family on my personal Facebook account:

Other than just going at it cold turkey, curious to hear how fellow parent friends helped their little ones kick the binky habit.”

My youngest is 2.5 years old and quite the binky addict.  My 4-year old never wanted a thing to do with a pacifier and transitioned from bottle to sippy, cold turkey, on her 1st birthday, so this whole “helping your child break a habit” is all new to me.

I wasn’t planning to be in a rush to kick the habit, but after a visit to the pediatric dentist yesterday for their cleanings, I was told that her teeth were slowly beginning to be affected, so I wanted to begin soliciting ideas for how to begin to wean her off.  My pediatrician and pediatric dentist have both offered the same advice: “Pick an approach that you know will work best with her personality”.  It is due to this advice that I have decided that going cold-turkey just won’t work for us.

Within 1-2 hours of posting this question I had over 50 comments with great ideas and success stories from friends.  I am thankful for the myriad of suggestions that ranged from “Just do cold turkey” to “Cut the tips off and she will decide she doesn’t want them on her own” to “Use a binky fairy” and more.  Thankfully, I have a review coming up this weekend for a great product that is hopefully going to help me tremendously for this journey, but in the meantime I snipped the ends of a few of them this morning and put the rest away, reserving them for nap and bedtime.  We are going on 3 straight hours of no binky … and as you can tell from that picture above, that is huge success.

So how about you?  What habit have you had to break for your child?  How did you do it?  I am sure many readers could benefit from your experiences, so please share away!


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  1. kate says

    I thought I would have a hard time breaking the binky habit at my house but surprisingly enough, it was easy. We were down to 3 acceptable (she only liked a certain kind and would spit out the others) pacis and the one I had on hand was starting to break off and I didn’t want to give it to her because I worried about what kind of nasties would be growing in it. I went to find the other two and they were nowhere to be found. I told her that paci was broken and it was all gone. She fussed for a minute or two and then just took her blanket (her other favorite thing) and went about getting ready for bed. It wasn’t planned but it worked out perfectly. This was the night before she turned two and I would never in a million years plan to do it on her birthday but the stars just aligned. She’s talked about it a couple of times and remembers that “paci’s broken” and moves on to another subject. Luckily she had the favorite blanket to find comfort in because I don’t think it would have been as easy otherwise. Good luck to you! Who knows? Maybe it will be just as easy?

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