WordLock’s Stor-More Key Safe provides you with a safe place to store your keys and more! {Review}

Thank you to Max Borges Agency (on behalf of WordLock) for providing me with a Stor-More Key Safe, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

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Research proves that words are easier to remember than numerical combinations, which is what makes products from WordLock so great.  What makes their most recent product, the Stor-More Key safe so great?  Not only does it use letters to create the perfect password, but it is HUGE!  This safe can hold more than 30 standard keys!  Chances are that you won’t have 30 keys to store, so you could consider hiding a garage door opener in it, credit cards, cell phones and more.

stor-more lock

I am not a person to buy a fake rock to hide my extra house key in … or simply place it under my door mat.  In fact, due to my fear of a hidden house key being found, I’ve never hidden one around my house at all. Family members and close friends have copies of my key, but that doesn’t do me any good if they aren’t home when I find myself in need of a key.  I had never found a safe that I trusted before to try and use until I was offered to review the Stor-More.

This safe has a solid aluminum locking head, a stainless steel body built to withstand hammering and sawing, corrosion and it is rust resistant to handle the elements!  You simply enter a 4 letter personal code word and the stainless steel safe detaches from the lock.  You can then pour the contents into your hand rather than risking them falling to the ground.  When you’re ready to close it, you simply screw it back in and enter your private password.  This safe even comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

There are two mounting options for the Stor-More lock, which is awesome as well.  You can use the hanging option and hang it from a door handle if you’d like – or you could put it around a deck post, basketball hoop … wherever you would like.  You also have the option to mount it to a wall and all the necessary hardware is included!

mounting options stor-more

Just recently our Stor-More came into great use.  We had accidentally left our credit card at a local restaurant after checking out and then we headed out of town for the weekend.  A family member was able to pick up our card for us, but they were going on vacation before we would return … so they weren’t able to get our card to us directly.  Instead of leaving it where someone could easily grab it, we shared our password with them and they were able to leave it for us in our Stor-More key safe!

I love the roominess of the safe.  Car keys are so much larger now and you are not cramped for room with this safe at all.  For testing sake I was easily able to place my garage door opener, smart key for my car, smart phone and some money in the safe without taking up all of the space.


Buy It!  For 45 days only, beginning May 13, 2013, TheStor-More Key Safe will be available for purchase for $30.00 at https://www.crowdsupply.com/word-lock-inc/stor-more-key-safe.  You can also purchase directly from WordLock!


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  1. Robin Wilson says

    This is really cool. I too have not put any keys around my house even though I have been locked out before! My neighbor has one, but she wasn’t home and I had to knock on doors til I found someone home! Unfortunately, I don’t have even that much to spare right now, but I will bookmark their page for when I can!

  2. Brandy S says

    We also give family spare keys and that has never failed us. However as we are moving 7 hrs away from family in August, this product would come in handy. My daughter will be riding the school bus for this first time this fall and it would be nice to know she can have the security of a key waiting for her in emergency.

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