Sifteo Cubes ~ Fabulous intelligent play to keep your child’s brain sharp in the summer! {Review & Giveaway ~ US}

Thank you to Sifteo for providing me with a set of Sifteo Cubes, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

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You probably see kids interacting with iPads and iPhones on a daily basis – I know that I do, right here in my own house.  Obviously, these weren’t around when we were little, but there were always gaming systems.  I personally grew up with Atari and the basic Nintendo and have a very vivid memory of being home sick from the First Grade one day and spending it in bed, alongside my dad, playing Super Mario Bros. until we finally beat it.

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Believe it or not, there is another way to gain intelligent play than iPads and iPhones.  Introducing Sifteo … an award winning interactive game system that can fit into a small purse and be played literally anywhere.  These cubes are so interactive that they can sense another cube next to it and you can tilt, shake and press them for different results as well.  They come pre-installed with 4 puzzle-packed games that work right out of the box.  You also receive an ultra-compact Sifteo Base … this little guy runs the entire show.  It stores the games, plays the audio and can connect to your computer via a USB cable to download additional games.  You can also purchase additional single game cubes to make game play even more fun!

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Of the pre-packaged games, I have become addicted to Code Cracker.  It is a simplistic yet addicting math game that I think kids would really benefit from in the summer when they are away from the classroom.  Of course, this is education disguised as play, so your children won’t feel like they are doing homework all summer long.  This is geared for ages 7-adult, so it was a bit advanced for my girls to try … but I didn’t mind.  I was happy to test this one out on my own!

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Check out this YouTube video that demonstrates the Sifteo cubes, live in action!

Bottom line, I am very impressed with this game system.  I love the nostalgic feel that it brings through the game graphics and basics yet am amazed by the current technology that makes it an incrdible interactive gaming system.  The fact that it is so portable makes it simple to take on plane rides, long car trips and more!  Inside the Sifteo box you will find 3 game cubes, Sifteo base, 5 AAA batteries (score!  Love that batteries come with it!). 4 pre-installed games, Free download of Sandwich Kingdom, USB cable and a soft carrying case.

Buy It!  You can purchase Sifteo Cubes online for $129.95.

Win It!  One of our lucky readers is going to win their own set of Sifteo Cubes, Interactive Game System!




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  1. Christine Cunningham says

    we try to do family game nites every so often and my family would love to try out a new game!

  2. Lisa B. says

    I would love to win this to give to my son on his 7th birthday! It looks like a lot of fun :)

  3. Robin Wilson says

    I would like to be able to give to my nephew to give to his daughter for her birthday as it is something he cannot afford on his own and she would love it!

  4. Veronica L. says

    These would definitely be a great thing to entertain my boys while they are out of school this Summer.

  5. Laura Miller says

    I would love to win so I can play with my son! He loves the digital world so this game would be perfect!

  6. laurie nykaza says

    my kids would lvoe to have these to play with and I know I would play along too

  7. Miranda Welle says

    I’d like to win because we home school and I’m always looking for ways to make learning more fun!

  8. Tanya Rubezhov says

    I would love to win it for my son. It would make him sooooo happy.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to win this for my two oldest daughters! It looks like the perfect game for them this summer while they are out of school!

  10. stephanie says

    My husband wants these so bad!! He has shown me these over and over and never seem to have the money to buy them for him!

  11. Jennifer Nixon says

    My family lives 3 & 1/2 hours away. I think this would be nice for my son to have on our trips.

  12. steve weber says

    hours of activity! would be great for when my niece and nephew come to visit.

  13. Carmen Van Deursen says

    My son loves challenging games and these would be perfect for traveling with.

  14. rusti says

    I like the fact that you can play more than one game with it. We have 3 kids and they can NEVER agree on anything so this game is perfect for everyone!

  15. Elizabeth B says

    My cousin has these, and my kids loved playing with them while we were visiting.

  16. Dorothy Teel says

    COuld keep a lot of my grandchildren happy at the same time, they love digital games and equipment and this would be good and easy to use for quiet times at mimas house..

  17. shandie says

    i wanna win it because i wanna try it. because you know why? i just saw this game only at this page. i didnt even see this personally :D

  18. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to win the Sifteo Cubes for my daughter would loves electronic games

  19. Katie Roch says

    I would love to win because my family travels often. This would be a great portable game to keep us busy on flights and car rides.

  20. Serena Powell says

    I’ve seen it before and have wanted to try it. Plus having it on long trips would be handy

  21. Samantha Herman says

    I would like to see my nephew exercising his brain while on summer break instead of just playing video games and swimming all day long.

  22. Colleen W says

    We can always use new games for our family game night. I’m so tired of Monopoloy:(

  23. Brandi says

    I’d like to win because we homeschool and I like the thinking component of this game.

  24. Cheryl says

    My daughter loves to play games and as a family we have gotten away from game night and this would be fun to get it going again.

  25. Karen says

    Would love to win it because it looks really cool and a fun game that the whole family can play with.

  26. Candice Hull says

    Family game night is very important to us and we are always looking for great new games. Thanks

  27. Karen Gonyea says

    This would be a great game for camp where they are always bored at night !!

    ktgonyea at gmail dot com

  28. kendra W says

    I would love to win this because i believe my kids would greatly enjoy it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  29. Jessica Rose says

    I’d love to win this to share with my family! Looks like a lot of fun!

  30. Angela M says

    I would love to win because it looks like a lot of fun and I think my daughter would really enjoy it.

  31. meme says

    My 10 year olds birthday is coming up and he has asked for this. I know this is something he would really like

  32. Becky S. says

    This would be something different for my 9-year-old to play with. (other than video games)

  33. Vikki Billings says

    I would like to win because it looks like a lot of fun and we are a family that loves games!

  34. K Anne says

    I want to win this because my two boys love to play games and I think they would enjoy this game.

  35. Rachel Ellis says

    I would love to win because i think my 10 year old would love to play this with me.

  36. Lori Taube says

    My sons birthday is next month, and what a treat this would be! I’ve never heard of this system, and reading your review has made me very intrigued and excited about it!

  37. Buddy Garrett says

    I would like to win because it sounds like a great game to play when I am waiting while I am going out.

  38. tina reynolds says

    I would love to win for my husband and son they would have a blast playing this

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