My Image Button Maker ~ The perfect activity for a birthday party or sleepover! {Review & Giveaway ~ US}

Thank you to Choose Friendship for providing me with a My Image Button Maker, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

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I have such memories of being younger and making oodles of friendship bracelets and necklaces for myself and my girlfriends.  It is what we spent our time doing during sleepovers and after school.  I love that you can find so many great DIY kits at ~ from lanyards to bracelets to barrettes … and now, buttons!

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I was sent the My Image Button Maker to review with my daughters.  This is such a cool craft because buttons are really in with kids right now and it also allows you to make mini magnets.  What mama doesn’t love a magnet of a picture of her kiddos on the fridge?!  The My Image Button Maker comes with some really cute pre-printed images that you can create buttons and magnets from, but the real fun comes from using the MyPhotoSizer app on your smart phone, where you can create button sized images from your own photos!  Using this app is ridiculously simple.  I quickly selected 3 images to use for our buttons and uploaded them to the CVS website where I could quickly order my print and drive around the corner to pick it up.

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Once you are ready with your images – either your personal ones or the included ones – it is time to get to work!  Here is what comes with the My Image Button Maker: the maker itself, pre-printed image sheets, adhesive magnets, pins, 12 button fronts and 12 button backs.  I love how all the pieces and parts nicely store right within the maker for easy storage and transport.

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To cut out your image you simply slide your image sheet under the yellow cutting bar at the top of the My Image Button Maker.  Center the image perfectly in the window and press the yellow cutting button down hard.  The image cuts perfectly and literally pops out!

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Cutting them out is really so simple – even my 2 year old was cutting images in no time.

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Once your image is cut out, you place a button front into one of the four button trays on the blue section of the button maker and place your image – downward facing – into the button front.  If you have decided to make a button using a pin, now is the time to insert the pin into the back of the button.  I highly advise for little ones, doing this for your child.  If you’re making a magnet, peel off the adhesive strip and press it to the outside of the button.

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Simply press the back of the button into the front until you hear a snap and voila!  You’re done!

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We made this particular one into a magnet for my mom to be able to put on her fridge; what a cute little surprise from her granddaughters!  My daughter was very excited to show off all the buttons we had created within minutes:

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And check out the buttons that she made just for Daddy … I am sure he will wear the “Girl Power” one with pride!  :)

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My overall opinion of this product is that it is really, really fun.  All of the steps are easy to follow and I can picture kids and tweens having a lot of fun creating all sorts of buttons and magnets.  I would have loved to have had something like this at sleepovers as a kid.  This would also make a fabulous birthday gift for a young girl or boy!

Buy It!  You can check out all of the great, fun products available online at!


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