Gettin’ Fit ~ ThinkSport LiveStrong Sports Bottle {Review}

Thank you ThinkSport for providing me with two LiveStrong Insulated Sports Bottles, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.



When you’re working out, you definitely need a good water bottle.  When I am dieting, whether I am working out or not, I try to keep a water bottle full in the fridge at all times so I can drink more water.  My brother and I have been trying to drink more water, and ThinkSport helped us out by sending each of us a LiveStrong Insulated Sports Bottle for review.  These are by far the best water bottles I have had, and I have had many water bottles!


I have tried insulated water bottles before, but none compare to these from ThinkSport!  The first day we got them I put some ice water in one and brought it outside. I kept it outside for about 5 hours, in this southern heat, just sipping on it.  I refilled it later and put it in the fridge, keeping the same ice in it.  The next morning it still had plenty of ice in it which lasted most of that day!  Talk about some good insulation!

I love the top on these water bottles too.  I prefer a wide mouth bottle, and my brother prefers the smaller sport top size.  You can open this bottle with either size lid.  Unscrew the very top part for a small opening:



Or unscrew the whole lid for a wide mouth:



As you can see there is a screen that pops into the opening of the bottle too.  This is great for cross country bikers and runners who get their water from streams.  I love it actually because it keeps the ice from getting in the way when drinking with the wide mouth opening.  This bottle is great for people who play sports or any outdoor activities, or for anyone who just likes to have ice cold water on hand.  I highly recommend this sports bottle for anyone shopping for one!

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