Potty Training? Give your child the confidence they need with the Little Looster! {Review & Giveaway ~ US}

Thank you to Looster Booster for providing me with a Looster Booster, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

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It’s that time again for this mama: potty training.  I have a love/hate relationship with potty training.  I love what it ultimately brings but I hate going through it.  My 4-year old was very easy to potty train.  We had it down pat for the most part after just 2 days … and 2 years later, I have never had to change a set of sheets in the middle of the night.  I am praying for this same success with my 2-year old.

She is excited to be like her sister and say goodbye to diapers, but she is a bit intimidated at times of the potty itself.  She doesn’t want anything to do with a training potty – she wants the real deal.  I needed a way to boost her confidence of not falling off that would help us get this show on the road … and that is how I came across the Little Looster.

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This fits perfectly around the entire base of our toilet and allows my daughter to have as wide or narrow of a stance as she wants.

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My final thoughts: The Looster Booster absolutely has boosted my daughter’s confidence on the potty.  It doesn’t need to be moved all around the bathroom and toilet to accomodate her and if an adult needs to use that same bathroom, there is no need to move it out of the way.  I love the raised letters on it, as well, providing a gripping surface that doesn’t worry her – or me – about falls.  It is also very easy to wipe down when cleaning.  I really, really love it.

Lastly, some VERY exciting news to share about Looster Booster, too!  Nearly all of you are probably familiar with the brand Summer Infant; they loved the Looster Booster so much that they have now acquired it!  Fabulous!

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  1. April says

    My kids are boys. They can find many things they’d rather do than making time for the potty.

  2. Nancy says

    Potty training challenge: It’s hard for trainee to get pants down fast enough when it is “time to go”.

  3. latanya says

    getting the in-laws (they watch my son while my husband and i work) to get on board with potty training

  4. stephanie says

    My girls weren’t too hard. I know we could have tried a bit harder and they would have been done faster. My son is just driving me CRAZY! Nothing we do works and he knows what he is doing but just wants to be in a diaper no matter what!

  5. says

    Night time accidents were our biggest hurdle to overcome! It took until just this year (dd is 5) for her to be ok overnight without at least a thick trainer. She still has an occasional accident but it’s not every night anymore!

  6. beth c says

    knowing when to put a diaper on my son & when to let him go diaperless is a bit of a challenge for me.. he is great about listening to his body when diaperless.. usually! :) .. but will just go in the diaper generally when he has one on, but diapers can be very convenient too! :) figuring out what kind of training pants will work best for my son is a challenge for me at the moment as well! happy potty learning, everyone! :)

  7. Carrie Phelps says

    I just began potty training my granddaughter last week and she just doesn’t seem to have any interest. My hurtle is trying to figure out how to excite her with this.

  8. says

    My biggest hurdle is getting our daughter to go before we leave the house…we end up using the bathroom in every place we go

  9. Jenn McClearn says

    The biggest hurdle we have is when we leave the house , he usually has to go to the bathroom within 10 minutes of leaving , even if he just went. It is often hard to find a bathroom before he has an accident

  10. says

    My little one is 15 months and potty trained so right now my biggest frustration if you will is having to empty the little potty every time and keeping it clean. We have a potty insert for the big toilet but I have to stay and wait with her the whole time or she would fall of when she is done.

  11. Heidi Daily says

    So far the toughest hurdle was making the bathroom accessible for my daughter to independently go into the bathroom, but keeping her baby brother out. I found a baby gate that she is able to open and walk through, but he isn’t able to get in.

  12. June S. says

    Always having to ask them if they have to use the bathroom, they seem to forget what we are trying to accomplish.

  13. anne perry says

    so far so good…. one month diaper free and biggest hurdle I guess is pee on the toilet seat.

  14. Tana McAtee says

    We are not there yet, but I’m sure we will have plenty of ‘stories’ when it’s time! ;)

  15. VivianS (@AskViv) says

    So far the biggest hurdle is getting my kid to poop more often. Right now miralax is the only thing helping.

  16. Maureen M. says

    Well….seeing he is almost 4….haha…he doesnt go all the way. He goes halfway and stops…and he wont poop! UGH!

  17. Tiffany Schmidt says

    With my two year old son, he “gets” when he has to go, but doesn’t hold it til he gets to the potty and right now it’s I have to go…and then does, immediately, wherever he is. Sigh.

  18. Lolli S says

    My daughter needs a step stool to reach the potty! Also she has trouble with awareness of going versus having to go. Her timing is a bit off with the potty.

  19. Michelle Tucker says

    I don’t have any kidlets, but my little cousins are having a hard time with going #2 on the toilet. They have no problems with #1.

  20. Katy P says

    My biggest hurdle has been getting my daughter to go when she needs to instead of waiting till the last second.

  21. Elizabeth B says

    Our little girl is 3 and has been potty trained for a month, but is still super wet when she wakes up. I don’t give her anything to drink after 6pm! Where does it come from? :)

  22. Jessica G says

    I haven’t quite got there yet but I imagine my biggest hurdle will be night time training.

  23. Elizabeth Marsh says

    We’ve have triplets at only 8 months so we’re not pottytraining yet, but I’m already strategizing! The Looster would be great tool to have in my toolbelt!

  24. James says

    Our lo was close, but regressed quite a bit over the last month or 2. We need any help we can get to make this a more pleasant time for her.

  25. Sarah says

    My son doesn’t care if his pants/underwear are wet. Makes training hard in general.

  26. says

    i haven’t started potty training my son yet so i don’t have any hurdles right now, i’ve heard that it’s harder to train boys so i’m sure i will have some in the near future :)

  27. MaryAnn says

    My son just doesn’t want to go at all. He is 3 and has yet to go in the potty even once.

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