Pearls Olives To Go {Review & Giveaway US Only}

Thank you to the Musco Family Olive Co. for providing me with Pearls Olives To Go, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.


Today I have a most yummy review for you!

Musco Family Olive Co. is a privately held family business. From the time he was a young child in Italy, Nicolo Musco worked in his family’s merchant business, peddling olives, cheese, and other food from village to village on his donkey-driven cart. Nicolo started his American success story in 1922, moving from Italy to New York to start an Italian food distributorship. Musco has become the leading supplier of table olives in America.

The olive tree is revered as one of the longest-living and hardiest trees on earth. The slow-growing tree can bear fruit for hundreds of years. Eventually, the trunk withers and new shoots develop at the tree’s base. The shoots ­grow into a new tree — hence the olive tree’s reputation as “the immortal tree.”

No other food can rival the olive for its role in cultures throughout history. The olive tree is revered as sacred and immortal. Its branches symbolize peace. Its fruit is regarded as an indispensable food, and its oil signifies prosperity and purity, and has been an essential element in religious rituals across cultures.

I love olives! Green and black. I love them on a pizza, in pasta salad and to just pop them in my mouth! Mmm…in egg salad they are awesome!!!

Pearls has introduced a new idea for olives…Olives To Go! You’ve seen the individual jello packs…think olivey (I know that’s not a word lolol) goodness instead!


Sometimes you just want a salty snack. Most of the time we run for chips. Why not try an olive instead? They have fewer calories and fat. I know chips are made from potatoes but I really don’t think of them as a nutritional snack.

Did you know that olives are a fruit? I had no idea! I learn something new everyday!!

I really like that these are packed with no water. I am the worst about getting whatever is in these type of packages all over me. No worries! No water and they are just as moist as they would be if they were packed in water. My most favorite thing about these olives, and I want to shout it from the rooftops, they have no GMO’s!! I will not get on my soap box about what GMO’s are doing to us as a country. If you don’t know what GMO means and what it means to your family then you really need to look it up.

Pearls olives are firm, ripe and tasty. No squishy bits, no broken pieces and no pits. They are all whole so you can do this…I’m grinning…


Oh come on now! You know you’ve done it and you know that if you buy some today you will do it again!! As a matter of the fact the good people of Musco are going to be giving some away so you can teach it to your kids…if you haven’t already. It makes me want to have a party and serve a pickle and olive tray!! Speaking of parties…check out the great recipes on their website…yummy stuff!!

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