Splash ‘N Boots “Keeping It Green” Conservation Music CD {Review & Giveaway US Only}

Thank you to Splash ‘N Boots for providing me with a copy of “Keepin’ It Green“, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

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Stacy here another music review for you!

Splash ‘N Boots is a hit in Canada. As a matter of fact they were voted Canada’s Children’s Group of the Year winner for 2012! They have sold out venues in Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Spain and California! They are looking to take the United States by storm and I do believe they can! They have released 6 CD’s, have 18 music video’s and 2 full length DVD’s! I would say that they are their way in the world of children’s music.

The history of Splash’N Boots can be traced back to 2003 in Kingston, Ontario Canada. It was there, while attending Queens University, that Taes and Nick performed their first concert together at the local Central Library as part of a class project. After performing 3 original songs to 14 unsuspecting people, Taes and Nick could have stopped there at the height of their game, however, in that fifteen minute show, they realized that there was no going back – Splash’N Boots was born!

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“Keepin’ It Green” has a wonderful message of backyard conservation. In conjunction with Ray’s Reptiles, Splash ‘N Boots has made exploring our own backyard’s an adventure.

No matter where we live in this world there are wonders right outside our own doors. Maybe you live in the dry desert and get to look at beautiful cactus plants and the lizards that thrive in the sand. Maybe you live near a jungle and are blessed with exotic flowers and birds of many colors. Maybe you are like me and live in the country with shade trees and horses all around. Where ever you are…open your eyes and see the beauty around you and remember to be respectful of nature. It doesn’t matter if you have brown bears and raccoon’s getting into your garbage every night or bird’s eating your vegetable garden (which I do!). If we can get past the little surprises of nature and embrace the wonder of it I think our lives will be full of color and awe.

My favorite song’s on this CD are Water Water and Arctic Song.

I love water and always have. You can drink it (it’s practically all I drink), swim in it, wash with it, skate on it and ski on it. Our earth is 70% covered with it. Oceans, rivers and streams. Waterfalls and icebergs! We must have it to survive and there is no more fun than a slip-n-slide!

The arctic! I love cold weather! Don’t ask me why I live in the hottest, most humid region of the United States. I would love it in Alaska I think. It is so sad that our Arctic regions are melting and the animals that live there are in danger of extinction.

I think that the message Splash ‘N Boots and Ray’s Reptiles is trying to get across is an important one. We have to start taking better care of our planet and everything in it. What better place to start than our own backyard’s?

Go outside today. Take your kids and explore. Identify trees and animals that are native to your neck of the woods. Then come inside and maybe google a place you would like to visit and see what kind of bugs you can look forward to seeing when you do get to take your dream trip.

Don’t forget to recycle, reduce and reuse every chance you get!!

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    I watched the Antalopes Love Cantaloupes video and I think my son would love it! Very energetic music!

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