Chris and Jane’s Place Zombie Gnomes {Review & Giveaway US Only}

Thank you to Chris and Jane’s Place for providing me with their Zombie Gnomes Collection, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.

I must warn you now… avert your eyes!

The horrors I am about to speak of are so atrocious, so grotesque that your delicate sensibilities may never recover!

The end is near. The dead have risen and right now, at this very moment they are searching for you, and you alone! There is no place to hide.

Yes, we are under attack by Zombie Gnomes!! Bawahahahaha!



Chris and Jane take such great care in making these wonderful Zombie Gnomes perfect for your garden. Each one is hand casted using a proprietary cement blend and hand painted to be perfectly grotesque. To keep them from fading in the sun and turning to mush in the rain and snow they use an all-purpose outdoor weather sealer to protect the paint.


Meet Wyrick. He is one of the last survivors of the Zombie Gnome apocalypse. He is in search of his wife, Mayfield and their child. Hopefully he will find them one day at the edge of my garden in the azalea bush.

He is 6 1/2″ tall and fiercely noble. He is taking careful aim on the zombie menace that has torn his garden village apart and turned his neighbors into the walking dead.


This is Patient Zero. It is believed that he was the first infected. He has been spreading the zombie virus to his neighbors and anyone he can sink his teeth into. His only objective…to eat flesh. He is perfectly horrible with half of his face and head missing and with only one arm he is still reaching for you. There is no escape!


This is Legless Larry. With only one eye he is searching for the living and pulling himself along the ground with the intent and purpose of eating all things too slow to get away.

It is an epic battle of life and living death…will you survive? Bawahahahaha!

I really love these little guys. They have added a whimsical effect to my azalea garden. They would be perfect in a pot too so I may move them indoors after Halloween to keep them nice and warm for the winter. I can’t have Wyrick getting frost bite before he finds his beloved Mayfield.

I want to own them all. I really love all things zombie and these Zombie Gnomes are just perfect for a girl like me :)!

Chris and Jane have generously decided to participate in a giveaway…they are giving away Patient Zero.5! He is 10 1/2″ tall and he is the big brother of my Patient Zero. He was probably infected by his brother…how wonderful to keep it in the family…my sisters better watch it…bawahahahaha!

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  1. Teresa C says

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute and would look great in my front yard. We do a lot of Halloween decorating. I love Bye Bye Birdie

  2. says

    Oh wow, these guys would be hanging out in my front yard all year ’round… I really can’t decide if I like Bye Bye Birdie, Doomsday Dan, or Love a la Carte the best though! I guess I’ll have to convince my husband to buy them all for me for Christmas this year! ;)

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