Holiday Gift Guide ~ Can you imagine taking algebra with Snow White? Check out Fairy Tale High Dolls! {Review}

Thank you to S-K Victory for providing me with two Fairy Tale High dolls, free of charge, for review.  These are my own honest opinions.


My 5-year old is really getting into Barbie dolls now.  This, to me, is such a milestone, as I feel like she is coming into “older” toys now and I have vivid memories of my own Barbie doll playing years when I was younger.  However, different from when I was little, is the selection of Barbie-like dolls that are now available.  There is a wide variety of brands in stores now, but this newer brand – Fairy Tale High® dolls – really grabbed my attention because I absolutely love the history behind them.  What little girl hasn’t already fallen in love with Disney princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, Alice and more?  What if your little girl could play with a doll that was based on these princesses, just in their high-school years?

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A bit about Fairy Tale High® dolls:

Enter the magical world of Fairy Tale High®, a place where magic happens and beloved fairy tale

characters come together for the first time ever in a modern-day high school setting. Toting the latest

accessories and sporting designer fashions and hip hairstyles, teenage Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle,

Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Tinker Bell and Cinderella are brought to life as

they might have been before they became fairy tale princesses.

Fairy Tale High features a collection of beautifully designed fashion dolls, along with a series of

webisodes and eBooks that showcase each character’s teenage story, revealing the qualities that will

eventually make them princesses and the not-so-perfect flaws that trip them up along the way. As

students in a performing arts high school, these hip and trendy teenage characters develop their talents

and learn new ones as they study music, dance, art, and acting while dealing with romances, jealousies

and personal challenges along the way. With guest appearances by classic heroines and villains like

Victoria, the Wicked Witch of the West; Pinocchio, who cannot tell a truth; and many others, Fairy Tale

High is for the princess-loving girl who is looking for one she can relate to.

We were sent Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell to review.  These bright, quirky and yet adorable fashion dolls are so cute and I love the imagination that has gone into the creation of these dolls.  Taking what is already known about them in their cartoon-form and translating that into their high school personas is such a neat thought to me and I love seeing the finished product right in front of my own eyes.  My girls are going to be thrilled to receive and play with these!  I would love to see these spark a spin-off cartoon series, as I think it would be a huge hit!

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The clothes, colors and accessories that come with Fairy Tale High dolls won’t disappoint – neither will the quality of these dolls and their gorgeous hair (what princess doesn’t have beautiful hair?!).  I am excited to see this line grow to include even more than the current 8 princesses (hello, Elsa and Anna … would love to see your high school selves!).  

fairy tale high dolls

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Buy It!  The Fairy Tale High dolls have a MSRP of $17.99 each and are available nationwide at all Toys R Us stores and in select Walmart stores.  They are also available online at,, Target,com, and

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  1. Brandi Dawn says

    The outfits are super cute. These dolls are definitely not your typical old fashioned little girl toys.

  2. Tracie Trump says

    My nieces would love these dolls. My nieces would like Cinderella and Snow White and I would love Belle!

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