ithlete Finger Sensor {Review}

Thank you ithlete for providing me with an ithlete Finger Sensor, free of charge, for review. These are my own honest opinions.


I’ve been on my fitness journey for several months now. I have been slacking off on the workouts lately, but for several months I was running almost daily, as well as doing other workouts at home or at the gym. When working out, it’s important to track your heart rate. Everyone has a target heart rate they should be at during workouts. But did you know your resting heart rate can determine how hard you should work out each day? ithlete recently sent me their ithlete Finger Sensor for review, to monitor my resting heart rate before workouts.

ithleteThe ithlete Finger Sensor plugs into your headphone jack of your phone and works with the ithlete app to monitor your heart rate. It is very simple to use. Plug it in, open the app, and tell it to do a reading. It will register your heart rate, and then have you breath slowly in and out as it takes your heart rate.

It will give you your heart rate value, in different colors to tell you how hard you should work out. If it’s green, you’re good to go for an intense workout. If it’s Amber, you should do a lower intensity workout, aerobic exercise recommended. If it’s red, you need a recovery day — very light intensity or rest.

ithleteAppOnce you’ve taken your heart rate value, there are several sliders that allow you to record a number of subjective metrics, as well as a number for your training load. Using these help you identify the factors having the biggest influence on your health and fitness levels.

The reading is saved automatically and you can view all your readings in your dashboard. On the dashboard, it shows a chart showing your changes, as well as a list of all your readers. There are icons to show how you answered on your subjective metrics. You can click on any date to view your reading from that date.

The ithlete Finger Sensor has worked well for me, and is a great tool to have if you work out regularly! I highly recommend it to anyone who is focused on their fitness and health.

You can buy the ithlete Finger Sensor on their website for $69.99.

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  1. Lauryn R says

    Very awesome idea!! I like that it’s small and plugs into your phone. Sounds like a great way to keep track of heart rate.

  2. Sandy Cain says

    This is amazing. (Or should I say Ahh-Mazing?) I cannot get over all the technology that comes out every day, for every facet of our lives. What a super tool for fitness and general health!

  3. joanna garcia says

    wow love that it tells you what type of workout to do this is great for my grandparents to!

  4. Brandy S says

    This sounds very convenient for workouts but how well would it stay on your finger during a workout to see if you are working at your optimum heart rate? Do you have to hold your iPod or iPhone during the workout?

  5. Lisa says

    Brandy, you don’t wear it during your workout. The ithlete Finger Sensor is only for getting your resting heart rate, to determine what type of workout or training load you should do each day.

  6. says

    Its a nifty tool, I havent used it to full capacity but it’s a cheaper alternative to using other HRV brands.

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