Spoiled Mom ~ ZAGG ~ iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones with Mic {Review & Giveaway ~ US & Canada}

Thank you ZAGG for providing me with iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones, free of charge, for review. These are my own honest opinions.

Spoiled Mom


I’m excited to kick off our annual Spoiled Mom event with a review for an awesome product from ZAGG! They recently sent me their iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, in Pink, for review, and I have been using them a lot since they arrived!


I had a favorite pair of high quality headphones, but once I was introduced to Bluetooth headphones, that old favorite pair hardly gets used. That pair is still my favorite out of audio quality, but my iFrogz Coda Forte are pretty close and sound great. They get used a lot more just because I don’t have to deal with the hassle of cords while using them. Not to mention, they are super cute in pink!

These Bluetooth headphones have controls on one side for power, volume, and track forward and back. The volume and track changing buttons are the same buttons. I am not one to read instructions, I just played around with them til I figured them out, and it was pretty easy to figure out. Push the up or down button once to change tracks, and hold it down to change volume. With only having a small power button, and a long track/volume button, it is easy to find what you need without looking at the controls. You can even use them for hands-free calling since they have a mic!

These headphones sound great even at it’s highest volume. They don’t crank up quite as loud as my other headphones, but still plenty loud enough, and of course too loud music is bad for your ears.

They were easy to pair to my phone — just hold down the power button for 8 seconds until it appears on your Bluetooth settings on your phone.

They come with a charging cable, but I haven’t had to charge them yet. They will work for 12 hours on a single charge. They also include an audio cable and have a 3.5mm port if you want to use them wired.

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Buy it: You can buy the iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones with Mic at ZAGG for $99.99.

Win it: One lucky US or Canadian reader is going to win an iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones with Mic in their choice of color!

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    Breeze for Samsung Galaxy S3 – it would perfectly match so many tie dye items I have!! :)

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    I would love to own the ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ Keyboard that I found on Zagg. My favorite function is that Customizable backlit keys can be adjusted for brightness and power management. Thanks for sharing Zagg iFrogz Coda Forte review & giveaway.

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    J’ aime bien le ” iFrogZ coda pop speaker ” la forme est originale et que dire des couleurs ( ma préférée le bleu ).

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