Spoiled Mom ~ Ugobags ~ The Ultimate Photo Gift! {Giveaway ~ US only}

Thank you Ugobags for providing an Ugo-Medium for my previous review. These are my own honest opinions.

Spoiled Mom


Ugobags makes the ultimate photo gift, if you’re looking for something unique to give as a Mother’s Day gift this year! You can check out my Ugobags review to see just how much I love my custom photo luggage..  It kind of turned into a love letter…  :)  I had photos put on my luggage from a camping trip Davey and I took a couple of years ago, bordered by our Ahh~Mazing Reviews logo. It turned out ahh~mazing!

2014-04-27 23.29.57


You can have photos put on your luggage, or text! You can fully customize the colors of your Ugobags as well. I got to pick colors for all the handles and bumpers, as well as the color of the case. They have a hard shell, so your luggage is ultimately protected whether you are checking it on a plane, taking it as carry-on, or going on a road trip.


The Ugobags Kickstarter Project was recently launched, and runs thru May 29th! If you didn’t guess from my love letter above, Ugobags has some seriously ahh~mazing luggage!

The funds raised from their Kickstarter Project will help with their first production line and to outfit their Los Angeles area based assembly facility with industrial printing machines, which is the heart of their customized luggage concept. As they expand, they expect to hire more people in the Los Angeles area who can become part of their growing team and grow with them — creating jobs in the Los Angeles area, and potentially other cities in the future, to help their community economically.

Be one of the first to receive one by backing their project! Pledging $149 or more will get you one! There are several options on pledge amount and sizes offered.

If you pledge $8 you will receive an Ugobags luggage tag — and I wasn’t lying when I said it was one of the best luggage tags I’ve seen!

If you pledge $20 or more, you will receive an Ugobags luggage scale with flashlight, plus a luggage tag!

Even if all you can pledge is $1, that will still help! Think about it — If every single one of our our readers pledged $1, Ugobags would be well over the halfway mark towards their goal of $25,000! And you don’t even have to pay until the project closes on May 29th! If Ugobags doesn’t meet their goal, you don’t pay anything at all.

Check out the Ugobags ~ Style Your Trip With Unlimited Possibilities Kickstarter Project for more information about their bags, and to make a pledge!

One lucky US reader is going to win a custom Ugo-Small Carry-On Suitcase from Ugobags!

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  1. says

    This might be the coolest bag ever! I would put travel photos of the places that I have been on the outside. Medium size would be perfect.

  2. says

    I would like the large size but probably should learn to pack lighter so the medium would be the smart decision.

    I would use travel photos and add our blog name to it as well. Looks so cool.

  3. says

    How cool is this… I like the Early Bird Small carry on. I would put a picture of my two boys and a saying like… We all have baggage.

  4. Julie Lee says

    I’d like a carry-on size and I’d put just some graphic or pattern on it.

  5. rebeka deleon says

    I would pick the small carry on size and put pictures of my kids on it since my husband is the one that always goes out of town and he can bring pics of his kids with him always.

  6. ColleenMarie says

    I would like the large bag and I would add pics of my kids to the front!!

  7. Jan Lee says

    I would get a large and put the text on it of my Initial and a chevron purple print :)

  8. Miranda Welle says

    Out of their three sizes, I think I’d like the Large best. We have 4 kids with another on the way so we seldom pack “light”. LOL. However, for myself, I’d love the medium or small. For the photo, I am wavering since our baby is not yet here. I would probably choose a nature photo or likewise since our family is not yet complete.

  9. says

    I’d love to have the carry on the most, because it would be perfect luggage for traveling light. I’d have my childrens’ pictures placed on mine. :)

  10. Margaret Smith says

    I’d like the large & I’d like to put a beach/palm tree design on the bag.

  11. Natalie says

    I would love to have the medium size bag and I would put a picture of my mom and my step dad that was taken last Christmas.

  12. stephanie sloim says

    I love this!! I would get the large and put pictures of my Hawaiian vacation on it!!! :)

  13. Gillian says

    I would like the small bag for a carry on or overnight bag with a picture of my dogs :)

  14. Natalie S says

    I would probably choose the Ugo Medium and would probably put something like the USA flag across it.

  15. TheresaJenkins says

    I could use one of each but If I only had one >>LG with a coastal view of Italy

  16. says

    I would love to have the whole set, one of each but if I could pick just one it would be the small carry on UGOBAG. I would like the black color with silver handles and wheels and I would put my favorite Black & White pictures of my family on it. I think it would make a beautiful statement plus it would be like they were traveling with me at all times. Some are already in heaven so it would be real special~! Thanks so much for sharing this review and giveaway with us. This is the coolest luggage I have ever seen and I think it’s awesome and something like this was way over due. Waiting for your luggage and making it stick out so you can recognize your own has always been a pain and now everyone I think some day with have their very own unique luggage from UGOBAG. I think this is going to be a big hit for frequent flyer’s.

  17. Tari Lawson says

    I would love the medium size. I would put some scenic travel photos on it from some of my trips.

  18. Melissa S says

    I would love to have the medium sized bag. I think I would put pictures I have taken over the years at the beach on it.

  19. Christy DuBois says

    I would want the medium size and would probably put a photo of my daughters on it. These are great looking.

  20. Christina Barnes says

    I would Love the medium and I would put some kind of Doctor Who reference on it :D

  21. Jacob says

    I would like the small carry-on because I do not check luggage. I carry-on all my stuff. I would put pictures of places I have been – Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles

  22. Bilyy Lana says

    i like the large one and put a picture of my husband so people can see how good looking he is

  23. klynn says

    I would like the small bag. I would let me 10 year old help pic out a picture of something he likes to put on it. I love including him in the decision process.

  24. Serena Powell says

    I like the large bag. I would probably put some pictures I took on my last vacation on it.

  25. Douglas Houston says

    The medium size would work for me. I would put a picture of my doggie on it.

  26. natalie yeoman says

    i would like the large and i would put on a picture of me and my dog because she is my best friend

  27. Shannon says

    I would like the large and I’d put a pic of one of my favorite vacation spots on it!

  28. rochelle johnson says

    i like the medium bag and i would get a picture of my kids on the bag

  29. tina reynolds says

    I would put a family collage of photos of the the kids husband and I I like the large with green components

  30. Lorayne Gothard says

    I could really use the large size, and I would put a picture of my kids on it!!

  31. Barb Stenby says

    I would get the Large and put one of my son’s photography photos on it. He takes so many beautiful photos it would be hard to pick

  32. alesha ol says

    large for our big family and we have soooo many pics,too hard to pic,how neat!!

  33. Julie Price says

    I would get the large. For photo, that would be hard to decide, but probably an owl.

  34. regina m says

    Small carry on would be most useful to me. I would probably use one of my sunset images or a travel photo collage.

  35. Rebecca B says

    I would like the large bag to take on my honeymoon with my new married initials in the text

  36. Vikki Billings says

    i like the medium one and I would put pictures of my kids and grandkids on it.

  37. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway… we like the medium size bag; would probably use some abstract art image, or my Alma mater logo.

  38. says

    These look like amazing photo gifts! Thanks for the review, I’ll remember this site for the next time I want to make some photo gifts :)

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