Spoiled Mom ~ Ozeal Glasses ~ Human Skull Collection {Review}

Thank you Ozeal Glasses for providing me with eyeglasses, free of charge, for review. These are my own honest opinions.

Spoiled Mom


I usually hate wearing glasses. Even when I find a style I think I like, I hate to put them on every day. However, when I was offered some Human Skull eyeglasses from Ozeal Glasses, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! These glasses are really cool, and have a kind of Hipster look to them. I picked out the Human Skull Volvo Sheen Black glasses.


I will admit, I’m not totally crazy about them with my short hair right now. However, I think they will look awesome when my hair is grown out long again and dyed black. Teresa loves them on me, but I don’t think much of anything looks good with my short hair right now (I’m wondering now what on earth made me decide to shave my head last summer!).

My mom says when I wear them I remind her of pictures of my dad when he was younger and wore big glasses.  I’ve always been fond of those pictures of my dad, but I am not totally sure if my mom meant that as a compliment!  :)  These glasses are definitely not my normal style, but I do think they are pretty cool!

These glasses have a thick plastic frame that really pop out and draw attention. The arms of the glasses have a neat black and silver design on them, so they’re not all just solid black. These would be cool even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, but just wanted to get the hipster look.

I can’t wait until my hair grows out longer, because I know these glasses will look amazing with my long black hair! I am starting to get used to them with my short hair, but as I said, I’m just so disgusted with my short hair right now that I’m not happy with much of anything with it. They are some pretty awesome glasses though!

Ozeal Glasses creates their own designs, which costs less than their competitors who are charged for designing them. In turn, this highly reduces the costs of Ozeal Glasses. They also manufacture their own glasses, and sell directly to the customer with their online store, reducing the high costs that optical stores charge. They also have free returns within 60 days.

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  1. Tamra Phelps says

    They look good! Every time I start to let my hair grow out, I get fed up with it & chop it off again, lol! Arggh!

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