State Traditions ~ America Collections T~Shirt {Review}

Thanks to State Tsraditions for providing me with a t-shirt from their America Collections, free of charge, for review purposes. These are my own honest opinions.

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Happy Birthday America!!!

While everyone is enjoying their cookouts and get togethers,  take a moment to think about why we celebrate this day. We celebrate our freedom. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom to worship (or not) how we choose. Freedom to govern ourselves (I think we forget this one most of all. Even when the system feels as if it’s broken, it’s our system). Democracy. I’m not going to go any further. I think everyone gets what I’m saying, so I will get off of my soapbox :)

State Traditions is a line of clothing and accessories dedicated to showing state & national pride. My daughter absolutely LOVES her American Pride t-shirt in Sea Green. She says it’s very soft & squishy (I’m not quite sure what she means by squishy, but apparently it’s a good thing), and that it fits great. It is rather long on her which is actually a good thing. She can wear it as a night shirt as well! She probably has at least a hundred t-shirts, and I have never heard her get excited about they way any of them feels. So, great job, State Traditions!!



State Traditions also offers the same options in polo shirts. In addition, they have great hats, ties, phone cases, and much more. They have these products for every state, and although I have only looked at a couple of states that I’m familiar with, it appears that State Traditions even has these products available in the colors of the major universities in each state. They have even started an international line!  It is unfortunate that they don’t have a line that is more form fitting and shorter for women. But maybe if we start requesting them State Traditions will add a Women’s Collection!

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    Thanks for the reminder about why we have this day off of work, barbecues and fireworks. I like the t-shirt too, but I agree with you about it being hard for us height challenged gals to find any that fit well. I do like your daughter and sleep in most of mine!

  2. Wendy Jabkowski says

    It’s always awesome to see 4th of July themed clothes on everyone celebrating :-)

  3. Birdiebee says

    I love all of the 4th of July patriotic clothing as it is in the spirit of American independence. I sure saw many wearing this past week.

  4. Tamra Phelps says

    I actually prefer longer t-shirts, so I like this one! It does look comfy, too.

  5. June S. says

    (State Traditions ~ America Collections T~Shirt {Review} Very nice T-shirts, I would want one for the state I live in.

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