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Belinda here with a great site to share with you.  In addition to our 5 boys, we also have two dogs.  They’re part of the family and we love having them around us.  However, we don’t always enjoy the smell they bring with them!  I was recently sent some products by EcoWellDog and I couldn’t wait to try them!  They offer a large line of all natural grooming and wellness products.  We first tried out the Bubbles’ N Beads Shampoo and Condioner on our dog Maggie.

Bubbles’ N Beads is formulated to condition dry skin and add shine to dull coats.  We were really impressed with how well it lathered up and I liked the fresh, clean smell.  Our dogs had the unfotunate luck of running into a skunk a couple of months ago.  Worst smell ever!!  While the smell had mostly disappated, it tended to come back whenever the dogs got wet.  Since using the Bubbles’ NBeads, we haven’t noticed it.  HUGE blessing, especially with my super sensitive pregnancy nose!

Next we tried the Outdoor Shampoo with Citronella from their Dirty and Hairy line of products on our dog Sammie.

Sammie has a really thick dense coat and it can be hard to get a good lather on her.  This one did the job!  It’s made for dogs that love to roll around and get dirty.  Sammie tends to get dirty and stinky without even trying!  The Outdoor shampoo is designed to remove deep down dirt and neutralize odors.  It has a nice green tea and lime scent.  Sammie has always had a stong odor.  We even asked the vet about it wehn she was young.  He told us that some dogs just have a stronger smell than others.  We were so happy that the Outdoor shampoo really did improve her smell and days later she still smelled fresh!  That’s a huge accomplishment for Sammie!

We also tried out the Dry Dog Instant Clean which is perfect for those times when you don’t have time for a full bath.  It has a super nice kiwi melon scent.  It actually removes bad odors.  This would also be perfect for when the weather turns cold or for againg dogs that have troubles getting in and out of the tub.

Both of our dogs are people dogs and love to cuddle.  Unfortunately, their stinky dog breath can make it less than enjoyable at times.  Dog Smog Remedy takes care of that.  You just spray it into your dog’s mouth and it helps with bad breath and bad gas.  It actually smells alot like human mouth wash with a really nice peppermint smell.  The dogs seemed to like it too.  You can also add it directly to their water.

Bubbles n Beads Shampoo

 Rough To Smooth Detangler

 Dog Smog Remedy

Dry Dog Instant Clean

Fur Butter

That’s $81 worth of products to one lucky reader!!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

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