Applecheeks Review and Giveaway! (US and Canada only)

I am back with a fluffy review and giveaway and I met this sweet sponsor at the expo.  Amy, of Applecheeks, is one of the sweetest ladies!  She gave me a diaper for our son at the expo.  I had heard of Applecheeks, but never tried one for ourselves.

Let me just say….not all diapers are created equally and that is certainly true with Applecheeks.  Both my husband and I now agree it is one of our favorites!  The Applecheeks diapers are pocket style diapers.  However, they are inserted in the middle of the diaper which makes it MUCH easier to stuff AND you do not have to pull out the inserts…they come out in the wash.

Performance?  Absolutely top notch!  The diaper keeps his clothes dry.  The diaper keeps his poop in.  And I even have a funny story and pictures to go with it.  It is fall here and leaves are coming down in bucket fulls.  We took the kids outside the other day to rake and play in the leaves.  It was the Professor’s first time to really get to do this.  It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny fall day.  So we sent him outside in a shirt and his new Applecheeks diaper to play.

After playing with his sisters in the leaves, they started saying he was smelly.  Sure enough…he had pooped.  As I took him in to change him leaves were falling out of his hair.  Inside, I found leaves in shirt shirt, in between his fingers and squished in his toes.  However, not even a single leaf fragment made its way into the Applecheeks diaper and no poop came out.  That, my dear readers, is top notch performance.  Way to go Applecheeks! You have one new huge fan!!

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  1. Andi B says

    Oh the choices. It’s hard to pick between cherry tomato and dark chocolate. I think I like cherry tomato the best.

  2. Andi B says

    My favorite feature is the wide snap placement on the wings. My son’s on the skinny side and I could see how this would come in handy. I also love that u can get snap extenders to help fit chunkier babies longer. Gotta love great products.

  3. Nancy Ludka says

    I like how versatile the diapering system is. You have so many options with one diaper shell as a cover or stuff the envelope!

  4. Jessica Johnson says

    My favorite feature is the extra-wide envelope-style opening design for easy stuffing.

  5. Lisa P says

    Storm! or Dark Chocolate! If I have to choose, I would say Storm! I really suck at these favourite ones, because I can never actually choose a favourite. For the record, my partner would say Lemon Zest if he were here. If I win, I may have to buy the other two colours just to balance it out (can’t have just one now, can we?)

  6. Renee Richardson says

    My favorite feature is that the diapers fit a larger range of children than typical reusables. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  7. Tawnya Hart says

    Cherry tomato! Also forgot to put my website for the blog button question…

  8. tiffany u says

    I have been dying to try an AppleCheeks since I started with cloth 7 months ago and I have been in love with the Lake Echo color since it just came out!

  9. Bonnie Rodriguez says

    what i love about the applecheeks diaper is that it unstuff’s it’s self in the wash how cool is that!

  10. Marcella says

    Orange Zest was my absolute favourite buuuuut since it’s no longer availalble, I’d have to go with purple rain :)

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